Real estate agencies know very well how  competitive and ever-evolving their business is.

The addition of drones to the toolkit of a real estate agent is nowadays no longer just an ace up the sleeve, but an ever increasing necessity which can be the determining factor in concluding a sale. This need becomes even more evident for agencies operating with an international clientele, allowing potential buyers to have already a precise idea of what to expect even before visting the property, thus cutting down the number of visits needed to finalize the sale, with a considerable advatage for both buyer, seller and agent

However acquiring a drone, the necessary permits and the expertise needed in the follow up phase of video editing are a lengthy and expensive process.

To fullfill this need, Dronaco offers its clients a complete solution which can easily be tailored to their specific standards and needs, down to the smallest detail. Thanks to our extensive experience in both filming and professional video editing, with both aerial and ground based platforms,  exterior and interior, there is no scenario which we cannot cover.

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