Infrastructure inspection is a necessary, yet expensive, potentially dangerous and time consuming part of managing any existant piece of infrastructure throughout its lifespan.

Be it a large scale public utility project such as a bridge that needs to be monitored for potential failure and stress points, a solar farm or a pipeline, or something as small as a private house having some missing shingles on the roof or a rusty gutter,  drones can help in relieving much of the hassles associated with typical inspections.

Dronaco strives to meet the needs of both public administrations, enterprises and small building administrators/home owners with solutions for inspections in both the visual and infrared spectrum, with greatly reduced cost, time and bureacracy compared to more traditional methods.

Potential applications include:

  • roofing inspection
  • facade inspection
  • impermeabilization
  • gutters
  • thermal insulation efficiency
  • roof antennas
  • telecommunication antennas
  • bridges
  • dams
  • solar panels/farms
  • pipelines
  • power lines

and many others

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